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Network statement

As a railway company or interested user, you will find all the necessary information about access to and use of the Belgian railway infrastructure in Infrabel's Network Statement.

Message to service facility operators and service providers

Both the Law of 30 August 2013 on the Rail Codex, which transposes Directive 2012/34, and the Implementing Regulation 2017/2177 require the operators of service facilities connected to the Infrabel network and/or the service providers in these facilities to provide information on the conditions and rates for access to their installations and for the provision of services.

This information must be included in the network statement of Infrabel, possibly via a link to a website (own website or a common portal) where this information is made available free of charge.

In order to support operators of service facilities and service providers in describing their installations and/or services, the railway sector has developed a template that reflects all the conditions of the aforementioned implementing regulation. This template may be used by operators and service providers, if they wish. This template is available in English, Dutch and French. The information must be published in two languages of the European Union.

Common template for service provisions (NL)
Common template for service provisions (FR)
Common template for service provisions (ENG)

Infrabel is not responsible for the information provided by operators or service providers.

Infrabel invites the operators of the service facilities connected to the Belgian rail network and the service providers to send their information to

Network statement online

We always keep the network statement up-to-date, which means that you will sometimes find changes to it. The 'Changes' document contains an overview of the adjusted sections in the main document and/or the appendices.

On this page you will always find two versions of the network statement: one version applies to the current timetable, the other concerns the upcoming timetable.