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Our products

Whether you are a railway company or you want to optimise or strengthen your supply chain, we have the solution for you!

As the infrastructure manager, we allocate rail capacity to companies which transport goods or passengers by train. We also offer various services to companies that wish to optimise or strengthen their supply chain.

Your Moves

A flexible train path reservation system

  • This product gives you the possibility to submit or modify your short and long term capacity requests. Our employees determine the service schedule by matching your specific needs with the availability of the network.You have access to the reservation applications via the Business Corner, where you can manage and track your requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All your transport data is therefore at your fingertips in just a few clicks.

Your Facilities

Allows access to the service facilities operated by Infrabel

Which ones?

  • The different bundles for the formation or shunting of trains as well as for the parking of rolling stock;
  • The technical infrastructure in its bundles, e.g. for the supply of electricity, water and compressed air;
  • The fuel supply hubs, whether or not equipped with a fixed supply facility operated by a third party.

The prior signature of a local protocol is a prerequisite for access to the service facilities.

Your Power

Electrical energy for the railway companies which operate on our network

  • We offer this energy to both locomotives and motor vehicles, as well as for the comfort equipment of passenger trains (heating, air conditioning, lighting, etc.)
    With Your Power we provide your trains with all the electrical energy they need through a well-secured network of substations and overhead lines.

  • For whom?  Rail operators and Industries
  • More information? Want to know more about our energy measurement system? Take look at the website or download this brochure.
  • Any questions?

Your XXL

For your exceptional goods transport

That is to say:

  • A load that is wider, higher and/or lower than the Belgian load profile
  • A load that exceeds the permitted load category
  • A load that has to be loaded on several cars
  • Equipment that is not approved for our network
  • Approval of intermodal loading units

To be admitted, an application must first be submitted to the Office for Exceptional Transport so that they can carry out a feasibility study.
This is how you do it:

  1. Prepare an application based on Appendix A of the UIC 502 file. This file can be purchased on the UIC website.  
  2. Send the completed form by e-mail to

Your Technical Control

Technical inspection of the rolling stock used for journeys outside of a train path on our network

By means of the technical inspection, Infrabel makes sure that the traction equipment:

  1. meets the safety requirements laid down by law;
  2. is capable of reading the safety equipment located on the planned routes;
  3. can be detected by the various detection devices located on the planned routes;
  4. cannot cause material damage or disruption to the infrastructure.

Your Connection

In order to be connected to the Belgian railway network

  • Click here to see an overview of connection schema and the different possible configurations of a connection.
  • The creation and/or refurbishment of infrastructure often requires significant investment, without Infrabel having any real certainty about the degree of intensity and sustainability of the connected party's use of this infrastructure. In any configuration type, Infrabel will only finance the material cost of the junction, i.e. the cost of any necessary switches and a maximum of 18 metres of track. The installation cost of the infrastructure necessary for the junction, i.e. the labour and the specific adaptations needed to implement the junction, is to be covered by the connected party.

Your Tracks

Part of the available rail infrastructure made available to private companies

  • This is done at a standard rental price. And what about the maintenance of the rented infrastructure? No worries, we still take care of that. Tell us more about your needs, and our services will offer you the best solution. 
  • For whom? Industries
  • Any questions?

Your Rail//Academy

A training center for railway careers

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