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General sales conditions of Infrabel NV under public law

1. Payment of the invoice

a) Invoices are payable within 30 calendar days after the invoice date unless otherwise specified. In the event of non-payment within this period, a reminder or notice of default will be sent.
b) When sending a reminder and/or notice of default, administrative costs equal to € 100 will be charged.
c) Every unpaid invoice will be automatically increased from the due date of the invoice with a legally payable interest of 8% per year, unless otherwise specified in the agreement.

2. Adjustment of the invoice

If the invoice received must be corrected in the opinion of the Beneficiaries, they must make this known within 7 working days after the invoice date. Beneficiaries, however, remain obligated to pay the amounts that are considered indisputable. If the amounts claimed contain errors or are incomplete, the invoice will be corrected. If there is a positive balance for these Beneficiaries after rectification, this will be reimbursed to them.

3. Disputing the invoice 

Dispute of the invoice must be justified by registered letter within 8 working days after the invoice date with a clear description of the object of the dispute.

4. Dispute settlement

Any dispute is governed by Belgian law and will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the district in which the registered office of Infrabel NV under public law is located.