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A safe rail network

Theft of sensitive data, sabotage of computer systems, espionage attempts, etc. Cybercriminals are becoming more and more inventive with a view to achieving their goals and causing damage. Threats have multiplied in recent years and the number of attacks is constantly increasing around the world.

As a key mobility player in Belgium which relies heavily on digitalisation, we have to guarantee the perfect functioning and the safety of the railway network. Trains must be able to run at all times, both for passengers and for goods. It is therefore our mission to prevent a takeover or any other hostile act targeting our IT infrastructure and capable of disrupting the flow of trains.

Anticipate and act

Rail security therefore also involves prevention, risk measurement and the development of a plan to ensure a safe, acceptable service in the event of an incident due to a cyberattack on the sensitive systems with which we work. We are therefore stepping up our efforts to protect the servers, computers, applications and networks that have become crucial to the smooth operation of the rail network.

Investment in resources and knowledge

This strategy requires regular investment in resources and knowledge to guarantee the integrity, confidentiality and availability of IT systems.

Raising staff awareness of cyberattacks is also a cornerstone of our strategy. Teams that are aware of danger facilitate the early detection of threats.

To protect our critical infrastructures, our specialists work closely with national and European authorities and with our suppliers.